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Mirrored Technologies Limited is a HVAC Contractor Company dealing with design , supply , install , repair and maintain :

 Air conditioning systems ( aircon , dehumidifiers )
 Refrigeration Systems ( Coldrooms , Freezers , Chillers , cold stores , Mortuaries , Bitzer , …. ),
Mechanical Ventilation Systems ( Extraction and supply fans , air registers , grilles , ducts , stainless steel kitchen hood , pal sheets , Galvanized Iron GI
 Raised floor panels with accessories for Server rooms ( woodcore , calcium sulphate panels , lidner , … )
Laboratory equipment ( non corrosive sinks and ducts , fume cupboards , taps , … from Method Malaysia
 Sauna and steam baths
Fire suppression and extinguisher systems ( Inergen FM200 , c-tec , carbon dioxide , powder foam , water.

Our involvement in the industry

Installation of air conditioning machines from different sizes, usage and designs.
Installation of refrigeration machines from different sizes, designs and usage such as morgue, kitchen cold rooms, fresh vegetable trucks, meat carriers and iced goods transporters and stores.
Mechanical   ventilation   systems   ranging   from   ducting, extraction fans, de-humidifiers, grilles, dampers,  filters, louvers, bends, aluminum foils widely used in offices, kitchenettes, laboratories and industries.
Raised floor for server rooms, switch rooms, computer rooms, control rooms and decorative and normal gypsum partitioning.
Fire suppression system and Access control
Servicing and maintenance of all the above mentioned systems.